Planet of the Humans

(2019) YouTube The Story “100% Clean Energy”, “Green Friendly”, “A Focus on Sustainability”….have you seen a company boasting these phrases or something similar? Well, Jeff Gibbs wants you to think long and hard about a company’s claim of being green friendly. Gibbs, who wrote and directed Planet of the Humans, calls into question some ofContinue reading “Planet of the Humans”


(2019) Hulu The Story Honeyland follows the daily life of Hatidže Muratova, a Macedonian bee keeper. Muratova lives with her mother in an extremely remote area on the mountains of Macedonia. As the film progresses, the Sam’s, a family of nomads, moves in near Muratova’s land. Muratova befriends the family, but sadly their relationship soursContinue reading “Honeyland”