Think You Have What It Takes To Be Crossfit’s “Fittest On Earth”?-Fittest In Dubai Review

Fittest In Dubai (2019) Netflix The Story Fittest On Earth, it’s the title given to the male and female athletes who win the annual CrossFit Games, or simply “The Games”. In addition to the (internet) televised games, there is almost always a documentary that follows a given year’s games. The documentaries, typically titled Fittest OnContinue reading “Think You Have What It Takes To Be Crossfit’s “Fittest On Earth”?-Fittest In Dubai Review”

Prop Culture: The Nightmare Before Christmas

(2020) Disney+ The Story We aren’t crying, you’re crying! If you’re a child of the 90s/00s, The Nightmare Before Christmas centered episode of Prop Culture will send you down memory lane. In this episode of Prop Culture, Dan Lanigan travels the country to get information on some amazing original props from the 1993 film, TheContinue reading “Prop Culture: The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Prop Culture: Mary Poppins

(2020) Disney+ The Story Take a look back at a historic time in Disney and cinematic history with this episode of Prop Culture it’s…Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Follow Dan Lanigan on his journey to find props from Disney’s 1964 film, Mary Poppins. Lanigan brings in former actors, costume designers, composers, and actors to talk about their time onContinue reading “Prop Culture: Mary Poppins”

Planet of the Humans

(2019) YouTube The Story “100% Clean Energy”, “Green Friendly”, “A Focus on Sustainability”….have you seen a company boasting these phrases or something similar? Well, Jeff Gibbs wants you to think long and hard about a company’s claim of being green friendly. Gibbs, who wrote and directed Planet of the Humans, calls into question some ofContinue reading “Planet of the Humans”

One of Us

(2017) Netflix The Story One of Us is the story of three (ex) Hasidic Jews on their path to leaving their religiously conservative communities. Throughout the documentary viewers are introduced to Ari Hershkowitz, Luzer Twersky, and Etty Ausch, all of whom are looking to escape their community but each taking a different path. Ari Hershkowitz is aContinue reading “One of Us”

One Day At Disney: Katie Whetsell

(2019) Disney+ The Story Finding Nemo The Musical is a stage show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Nemo The Musical is a stage show that involves several sets, songs, and effects that could rival a number of Broadway shows. The story behind the musical follows pretty closely to the mega Pixar hit film:Continue reading “One Day At Disney: Katie Whetsell”

One Day At Disney: Sage Steele

(2019) Disney+ The Story If you have turned on ESPN any time in the last few years, you may recognize Sage Steele. Steele is currently one of the hosts of ESPN’s SportsCenter. One Day At Disney follows Steele around and pulls back the curtain on what a day as a ESPN sportscaster looks like. InContinue reading “One Day At Disney: Sage Steele”

One Day At Disney: Thom Self

(2019) Disney+ The Story Follow around Thom Self, a machinist at Disneyland. Self isn’t your ordinary machinist…he’s a scuba machinist. What does this mean? Only that Self has one of the coolest jobs at Disney! Self is tasked with the maintenance of Disneyland’s under water animatronics and machinery. This means that Self and his teamContinue reading “One Day At Disney: Thom Self”

One Day At Disney: Eric Goldberg

(2019) Disney+ The Story You may not be familiar with Eric Goldberg, but you are surely familiar with his work. Goldberg is the man behind a number of Disney characters like Genie (Aladdin) and Phil (Hercules). Goldberg also added director to his resume when he co-directed Pocahontas. One Day At Disney: Eric Goldberg, follows GoldbergContinue reading “One Day At Disney: Eric Goldberg”


(2019) Hulu The Story Honeyland follows the daily life of Hatidže Muratova, a Macedonian bee keeper. Muratova lives with her mother in an extremely remote area on the mountains of Macedonia. As the film progresses, the Sam’s, a family of nomads, moves in near Muratova’s land. Muratova befriends the family, but sadly their relationship soursContinue reading “Honeyland”

The NHL’s Greatest Enforcer Fought Both On And Off The Ice-A Review of Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story.

Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story (2019) Amazon The Story If you’re a fan of sports, Detroit, or Bob Probert, Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story is going to tug at your emotions a little. Tough Guy starts by detailing how a guy like Probert could reach the level of being a crowd favorite ofContinue reading “The NHL’s Greatest Enforcer Fought Both On And Off The Ice-A Review of Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story.”