Think You Have What It Takes To Be Crossfit’s “Fittest On Earth”?-Fittest In Dubai Review

Fittest In Dubai (2019) Netflix

The Story

Fittest On Earth, it’s the title given to the male and female athletes who win the annual CrossFit Games, or simply “The Games”. In addition to the (internet) televised games, there is almost always a documentary that follows a given year’s games. The documentaries, typically titled Fittest On Earth, follows around a number of popular athletes as they push their bodies to the absolute limits, all to be labeled the Fittest athlete.

The Games have recently adopted a new system of athlete qualifications. Athletes now have multiple routes that they can choose in order to qualify to make it to Madison, Wisconsin, home of The Games. Fittest In Dubai documents the first major shift in the tournament style qualification process with the winners from both the male and female side getting a bid to The Games. In this year’s documentary, you will see the athletes push themselves harder than before with events like swimming, biking, running (in sand), in addition to the typical movements associated with CrossFit. There will be some upsets, a few injuries, and some athletes that just all out dominate.

You never know what can happen on the road to The Games.

The District Decision

Fittest In Dubai follows the same general format as other Fittest On Earth documentaries that CrossFit puts out. This edition did work with Dubai to insert some awesome shots of the their infamous skyline.

There were quite a few big names from the CrossFit world involved with Fittest In Dubai, but there still was a pretty big absence of some of the most recognizable athletes (mainly because they did not participate). The film is a nice way to hold over the viewer before the main Fittest On Earth documentary comes out for last year’s Games. Fittest In Dubai isn’t going to win any documentary of the year awards, but it certainly is a fun film for those who enjoy The Games.

Final Grade: The District Decision for The Rachel Divide is that the film is Niche with a final grade of C+.

The District Decision Grading Scale: Skip It (not worth the watch), Niche (worth the watch for those interested in the topic), Background Noise (worth having on while doing other activities), Worth It (worth your time), Classic (one of the best examples of the documentary genre).

District Facts

Director(s)Gerry Blaksey
Run Time60 Minutes

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